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Construction Management Made Simple…

Still searching for simple, yet comprehensive commercial building software?  Looking for an “out of the box” solution that combines job costing features with full-scale building management? Now, from the makers of award-winning HomeFront Software, Job Simplicity offers commercial building management tools combined with the ease of plug-and-play integration with your existing QuickBooks® or Sage 50 - Canadian Edition.  

Take control of profits with real time variance & cost-to-complete reporting, cash flow forecasting, and profit analysis. Manage every aspect of construction management with this affordable solution designed to help small commercial builders bid, build, and manage just like their larger competitors with features like:

  • True job costing with flexible word-break down structures
  • Estimating tools for unit take-off and bid management
  • Generate Pos and subcontracts from an estimate with the click of a button
  • Tools to manage multiple schedules per job, including conflict control and trade notifications
  • "What if" pricing/profit scenarios for jobs, models, and options based on actual or forecasted costs
  • AP invoice workflow with scanning optimized for PO and Subcontract approval
  • Putting the Web to Work: Share information, documents & drawings with your customers & trades. Manage your schedules and request Pos from the field on any handheld device
  • Progress and cost plus billing
  • Document management including RFIs, correspondence logs and more
  • Change Management: track change requests and contract revisions
  • Subcontract management with draw control tied to scheduling

Strongest Job Costing on the Market!

Most process management "add-ons" still rely on the limited job costing capability of QuickBooks or Sage 50 - Canadian Edition. But Job Simplicity is different ... it actually takes over the job costing workload allowing your accounting system to simply cut checks and run financials. With all invoicing and job costing handled in the same database as your scheduling and purchasing, you get more timely information, better reports, and can compare budget to actual costs in real-time. That's why Job Simplicity delivers the strongest job costing on the market!

A Word About HomeFront Software

Building software solutions for over 15 years, HomeFront Software is an industry leader in providing process management tools to help residential and commercial builders make smarter decisions. Consistently named as one of Canada's "hottest" companies, we pride ourselves on listening and learning from the experts-you-and continually improving and adapting our technology to meet new developments in the construction industry.

HomeFront created Job Simplicity to help small residential and commercial contractors bid, build, and manage just like their larger competitors. We took our extensive experience with large construction firms, mixed it with the very best software features that HomeFront has to offer, and built Job Simplicity to provide an affordable, off-the-shelf construction management solution. With plug-and-play integration to QuickBooks or Sage 50 - Canadian Edition you get a powerful construction management suite that's up and running on day 1 without replacing your accounting system.

Get the blueprints to build it better with Job Simplicity today!

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